Can we just talk about Bones for a moment?

One thing I don’t like about the movie is the fact that Bones is put mostly down to comic relief. While I admit I’ve never watched the original series, I do know that he has a back story (wife, divorce, a daughter), and we never see any of it. When Kirk dies its just a brief moment of McCoy before its back to Spock.

lets look at this scene.

McCoy lost his best friend. The man he probably spent most of his time at the academy with joking about how his under cautious friend would soon be the death of him; a man whom he probably stayed up drinking with and telling about his daughter of demon of an ex-wife.

Now Jims dead and he’s hurting. Congrats Karl on your acting. You can see the pain all over his face, it looks like pure agony. Some scenes (even deleted ones) about McCoy and Kirks death, reanimation and recovery would’ve been nice, maybe just a minute video of McCoy heading back to his cabin to cry about Jim dying would’ve been excellent for his character. 

I dunno I just feel like people underplay McCoys pain that came with Kirk’s death. You see loads about Spock, but some people just kind of forget about Bones.

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    That would be my only complaint about Nu!Bones McCoy. Original!Bones may have been an ornery SOB, but he was also...
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